A little peek into the minds of a nerdy and creative couple planning their wedding.

Beth: Hard-core Disney Nerd, lover of Marvel comics, cosplay enthusiast and Whovian

Steevin: Emmy-Award winning video editor, Artist, X-Men Comic aficionado and Doctor Who Fanatic.

Prologue to Love

Our Save The Dates finally went out on Wednesday of this week! Family and friends have started to get theirs. And while we can’t invite everyone we know (or don’t know for that matter) we really wanted to share this with everyone and I literally cannot keep Steevin from posting the fruits of our labour any longer! 

So here are our Save the Date post cards that were sent. Photo taken by Jonathan Lewis and edited by Steevin himself. As you can see we have taken an “Epic Sci-Fi Adventure” approach and has a bit of a Firefly feel in our clothing. And you fellow Whovians can see a bit of Gallifreyan inspired art in the corners of the page in the back site of the postcard. :D I quite literally love how these turned out! (Stay Tuned for the Video!!)

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